Slide It’s a harsh reality that our oceans are under attack. We can no longer look the other way, as pollution and overfishing will leave our oceans nearly empty in our lifetime. With no government interest in stopping it, it falls on us, the people, to Save the Sea. SEADOGE is an experimental & honest approach to Save the Sea through MemeCulture. Similar to the success of ElonGate & Shiba Inu, SEADOGE is bridging the gap between Crypto & Charity, but this time it’s for a very special cause:

Global corruption & unsustainable fishing practices are killing our marine wildlife at alarming rates. Over 50% of the pollution in the ocean comes from the industrial fishing industry, it’s time to make a stand.

Our efforts alone are not enough, we need YOU to help Save the Sea. Every Transaction with SEADOGE will have a 10% transaction fee deducted and used for transparent charitable causes to help Save the Sea.

Slide To the moon and beyond. Be the first to enter the cosmos. Be part of a revolution. Be an altruist. Be a moonboi. Be an Astronaut. Be a SEADOGE.

about We are in the Midst of a paradigm shift of the global financial system: Doge was the spark that lit the fire, unleashing a power strong enough to change the world. As a community, joined by common vision, anything is possible. Nobody would have thought projects like Doge, SAFEMOON or ELONGATE would reach such monumental success. But what’s clearer more than ever, is the power of community. APES STRONG TOGETHER is no longer just a meme, it’s a way of life.

SEADOGE’s vision is clear, to help Save the Sea one Ape at a time. Join us in helping generate donations to help end one of the worst travesties the human race has ever seen, the destruction of our oceans.
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